The Curry Leaf 

At The Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage you will find our on site restaurant, The Curry Leaf.

Our restaurant in Patnem is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner for both our guests and the general public.


At The Curry Leaf we specialise in Ayurvedic nutrition and authentic Indian cuisine inspired by our surroundings. We only use fresh ingredients that are organic wherever possible and every dish is made in the traditional Ayurvedic way, with love and positive energy.


We highly recommend drinking fresh coconut water to supplement your daily nutrition as it is wonderful for hydration. We have fresh coconuts available daily at The Curry Leaf for an additional cost.


If you are interested in visiting us and you have any dietary requirements, please get in touch to let us know how we can cater to your specific needs.





































Traditional Indian cuisine is known globally for its rich tastes and textures. Each region of the Indian subcontinent has its own specialties using locally available herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables. Our restaurant draws inspiration from our local area, as well as including some popular traditional dishes from all other areas of this amazing country.

Indian cuisine lends itself perfectly to Ayurvedic nutrition, and our recipes at The Curry Leaf draw inspiration from Ayurveda’s birthplace of Kerala and the abundance of local ingredients available to us here in South Goa.


The philosophy of Ayurveda is based on balance, so for successful Ayurveda detox followers must ensure that their diet reflects this. The first point is to cook with fresh, seasonal, local, and organic ingredients.


Ayurvedic recipes should be clean and simple, because overloading the body with dozens of ingredients can detract from the strength of your energies. It’s also important to respect the prana, or life, of your ingredients. Ayurveda cooking dictates that you should avoid deep-frying or burning food.


Ayurvedic food should also be considered in the context of your dosha, or your physical and emotional constitution. Our Ayurvedic doctor can work with you to determine your dosha and design a food plan that best serves you.


The Curry Leaf restaurant in Patnem is the perfect place to sample Ayurvedic cuisine and our team will be happy to explain our menu and its benefits in further detail.



Specializing in Authentic Indian Cuisine and Ayurvedic Nutrition, we cater for all of our guests needs. We also plan and host functions for every occasion including Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Meetings and Special Events     

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