About the Owners

Hi, I’m Rachel.


I’m originally from a small town in the south of Australia. I was inspired to travel to India in early 2013 after all the stories my grandfather had told me about this beautiful place, and more so, about the beautiful people.


Once I arrived in India, I was completely swept away by its diversity, spirituality, welcoming, kindness, and giving. And of course the food!


During my 6 months stay, I completed my first yoga qualification and began studying the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. Over the course of my travels, I met many people, both foreign and local, who had experiences with Ayurveda healing. I wanted to be a part of this healing practice, so I dedicated myself to learning as much about the philosophies and practice of Ayurveda as I possibly could.


I decided to put my Ayurveda studies on hold due to my pregnancy with my first daughter Aramaya, another one of India’s amazing  and life-changing gifts to me that I will be forever grateful for. However, my love and passion for Ayurveda has never faded and I will endeavor to continue my formal study when the time is right.


My first journey to India really touched my heart. It awoke something inside me and I always knew I would find my way back. I knew in my heart that this country, its people, culture, and way of life would call me back, again and again. 

On my first trip to Goa, I met George and had an instant connection. George is a high energy person. He loves life and always has a smile on his face. We were sitting at turtle beach and talking of all our dreams for the future and although I will never forget that conversation, at that point in time I did not realise it was even a possibility let alone that it would come true.


 When George approached me a couple of years later to build Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage, I was delighted at being given the chance to create a place that I could fill with all my passions and I was truly honored for that opportunity. And I still am still honored now. 


Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage is a place of joy for all of our team and for all of our guests.

Together we have created an environment where you can come to connect and heal yourself, or with your partner, and with your family.


For me, The Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage is a way of nurturing all of my passions and I am truly privileged to welcome you here as our guest.

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Rachel +61438455861

Email palmtreesheritgae@gmail.com