Yoga Retreats​

The Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage is home to Aramaya Yoga.

At Aramaya Yoga, stay for a week or month long retreat, or enjoy a daily drop in yoga class.

We proudly offer meditation and yoga for singles, couples and kid/family yoga. We also host a range of workshops.

We have yoga teachers available for individual appointments to help create your own personal yoga sequence depending on your needs and abilities.

Yoga is about the whole body and mind and should be an enjoyable and comfortable experience for everyone.

Ayurvedic Packages

From all inclusive 7, 10, 14 Day Packages to 28 Day Packages or longer,  The Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage is a place of Healing.

Packages are custom made for your individual needs and are made with Doctor Consultation. They can include a range of Ayurvedic Treatments and also an Ayurveda Nutritional Plan.

Our therapists have been traditionally trained in Kerala, South India and hold a wealth of knowledge and expertise  in Ayurveda and are only too happy to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience with you.


The Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage prides itself on being Eco Friendly and one with nature.  Nestled along the river amongst the palm trees, this hidden gem caters for short or long term guests, singles, couples families or groups.

A short walk from two of the most beautiful beaches, Patnem beach and Ragbaga beach, you can enjoy  the best of both worlds:

The privacy and serenity of the village and the sounds of the ocean and the sea breeze drifting through the coconut trees on a quiet night

The Curry Leaf

Serving delicious local cuisine in a romantic ambiance, The Curry Leaf is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner for residents and non residents.

The Curry Leaf also caters for functions including Weddings,  Birthdays and Eat Right For Your Body Type, with the Ayurvedic Nutrition Program. All of our food is purchased from the local villages and markets and is served fresh to order.

Our restaurant is lovingly constructed beside the tidal river and during the quiet mornings and lazy afternoons, you can watch the otters play or the water buffalo enjoying a morning swim.

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